interdepartmental research center on

cognition, language and knowledge

at the university of Roma Tor Vergata



The Interaction between Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence represents a breakthrough  in the research world; it strongly influenced research development for both disciplines. For example:

  • in the context of Artificial Intelligence innovative contributions appear in the definition and development of intelligent systems based on plausible models of human cognition; a great impact is evident in both natural language processing and knowledge representation methodologies
  • for what concerns Cognitive Science, the development of innovative cognitive models as well as new architectures based on information processing, knowledge representation and management contributed to reveal new characteristics of human thought / behavior thus extending and magnifying  human expertise and cognition.

In the framework of such interdisciplinary approach, we discover interesting contributions from nearby disciplines such as: computer science, model engineering, philosophy, social science, natural language processing and electronic engineering. All of them, in fact, are relevant in studying new approaches for developing effective cognitive systems.

Several questions/doubts are still to be solved: scientists search for unconventional ideas  enabling to provide good solutions to challenges deriving from innovative technologies for cognitive systems! Advances on this context will require remarkable efforts and collaboration. Sharing ideas, approaches, criticality, models, technologies will certainly contribute to create research environments synergistic to such very dynamic context. Researchers willing to share motivation and objective are expected to join CLaK.